Thursday, April 9, 2009

Memento Mori T-Shirt

Be Mindful of Death ... it's a concept that's been around as long as, well, death itself. From the Romans to Medieval Catholics, Buddhists to Bourgeois Protestants, images of skeletons cavorting with the living, clocks that inevitably count down to our final hour, and even flowers past their bloom are meant to remind us of our unavoidable fate. Depressing, yes, but it's also an important reminder to enjoy life while you can - Carpe Diem and all that.

Where are today's Memento Moris? Hard to find. All we've got are Ed Hardy's mall-worthy skull graphics (I've seen people wearing Ed Hardy with Crocs, enough said.) A depressing thought. Thankfully Mixed Species is up to the task. Here's their Pssttt did you HEAR t-shirt, available for men and women. Here's their description:

We are all going to die!

Here's our very own Face McSpecies showing off one of the many Mixed Species Research & Development Centers around the world.

Face made an interesting choice of shirts as well as he sports one of our newest tees. A nice small subtle almost whisper of a print delivers this dire warning. "Did you hear? we are all going to die"

Good times! Well, we Mixed Species guys have known this little fact for a while and live our lives to the fullest. You should too. Plus it's fun to freak the people out who take the time to read the small print on your shirt!

Check out Mixed Species' Etsy store, you will NOT be disappointed.

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