Monday, April 6, 2009

Grief, Mourning, and Prayer Beads

Engino Weinert Prayer Beads from Marie Marie

Prayer beads are nearly universal, providing comfort and clarity in almost every faith. They're as old as religion itself, yet they continue to evolve - mediation beads, "purpose beads", even electronic prayer beads for your PDA. Although I've never owned prayer beads, I have always loved both their look and their intention. Whether they are vintage rosaries or simple meditation beads, I think that prayer beads lend themselves beautifully to remembrance.

Custom wrist mala bead deposit by compassionmalas

Seven Gifts by Prayer Bedes

Prayer Beads for Mourning and Grief by Kathleen A. Stewart

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Lion -&- Sun said...

Regarding the electronic prayerbeads, the most beautifull thing is that they can be adjusted, so that the same aplicatio fits for any religion/faith, thereby it carry a message of unity....