Friday, April 10, 2009

Repurposed Jewelry

I have bags of meaningful jewelry, from costume trinkets to special pearls. But I rarely wear them as is - they are either falling apart, or I feel more like I'm playing "dress up". Repurposing this jewelry - taking the best and making something even better - is a great way to honor my family's fabulous taste with a new twist that's specifically my own.

I found Voleur de Bijoux on Etsy, a designer who upcycles vintage jewelry into gorgeous items. I especially love the charm necklaces. She captures the spirits of specific eras, from Boho Chic to Americana Classic. Check out this Nefetia Mata Hari Vintage Bumble Bee with Turquoise necklace:

Or this Margo Edwardian Couture Vintage Brass Leaf with Crystal Prism Necklace:

This Roxy London Glam Antique necklace is especially exquisite. This ravishing neckace has a narrative, a point of view that captures a specific time and place.

Voleur de Bijoux understands how collected pieces put together can tell a unique story. I'm gathering some pieces to have transformed into a signature piece that captures my glamorous grandma's 1940's style, yet feeling modern enough for me to wear everyday. I'll be sure to post a "before & after"!