Saturday, March 14, 2009

Memory Blankets

Perhaps I should call this blog the Modern Rememberer! One of my goals is to find a way to repurpose our clothing in a way that's meaningful and sentimental. Too often we just toss our old stuff in the Salvation Army Bin, only to find years later we wished we had held onto it. Although I'm focusing on items that belong to people no longer with us, I truly believe it should be applied all through life. A young mother can make memory blankets from her maternity clothes. A father can turn his old work flannels into a tarp, or even a play tent. My point is that there is so much sentimentality associated with clothing, it's a shame to throw them away.

On that note, Kiki from Etsy's Allthenumbers has found some great examples of repurposed outgrown baby's clothing. This block pattern blanket with bamboo batting and cotton (or chenille) backing by Silverforgefarm is super sweet - just look at the details! It's something a child will someday treasure, and even pass on to their own children down the road. Absolutely adorable!

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