Tuesday, October 26, 2010

R.I.P. Don Draper

As I mourn the end of Mad Men Season Four, I ponder what would Don Draper do with his ashes. I think he'd go for something simple yet elegant. Something like this:

Although it looks mid-century, this modernist urn is contemporary, and can be purchased at Portland Natural Caskets. Made from salvaged Oregon grown Walnut and FSC Certified maple, this urn would fit in with any modernist decor. It has all the beauty of a mid century sideboard, but measures only 16"(w) x 6"(h) x 7"(d). Unlike most urns, this one provides space for displaying personal mementos, even a highball (or two). I've never seen anything like it, and I think it's seriously gorgeous.

And Peggy Olson? I hate to even think of her demise. But when her time comes, I think she'd prefer something a little more artistic, like this Rosenthal Netter Italy Pottery urn set (thanks Vintage + Goodness = Happiness).

And Joan? I see her in something like this gorgeous yet bold Raymor Pedestal Vase, offered by Cammoo.
Of course, I'm not here to plot the demise of my favorite television characters. I'm inspired by the Modernist design renaissance ignited by this show, yet surprised there are so few options when it comes to memorials and urns. We think about how we live, but not how we die - why not do it in style? I'm especially thankful to Portland Natural Casket Company for their innovative designs, and plan to post more on them soon.


tancow said...

Wow, this wood urn is definitely unique. Its so functional and still lets you keep the person apart of your life but not on display.

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

These are probably the most creative looking urns that I've ever seen. I like that they're different, they have personality! x


Luna Tiger said...

I love all these vintage stuff !

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

x enter my giveaway?

Violet E. said...

cute post :)

Unknown said...

i've never even thought about this...and i call myself a fashion lover.

a good point to ponder.

i like the blog. something different. def in for a follow...i'll be back to haunt you.

Sister Shirley said...

In my quest to bring style to mourning, I've had a hard time finding urns that I actually like. VERY RARE.

The wooden urn is one of the few exceptions! I wish more artists would do work like this.

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Sister Shirley Thank you for visiting my blog! You have the most interesting blog. I have tried to think of an urn to place the ashes of my departed dog in for over a year, now I think I have answers.

Victoria ♥

Annushka said...

I Love vintage, i love this post, very beautiful blog my dear friend))))

Charles Cowling said...

All brilliant - especially the Portland walnut miniature sideboard. I love that!!

www.odartstore.com said...

The price we achieve as we end our lives...is now becoming more immature, childish in mentality...that people literally based it on the prize of our casket. :(