Saturday, October 16, 2010

Modern Relics by Alix Bluh

Like a grieving goldilocks, I've been searching for the perfect mourning jewelry. Not too goth, not too sweet. Not too retro, not too trendy. Modern Relics, a line of jewelry created by Alix Bluh, is right on cue - timeless yet modern, and always gorgeous. Her handcrafted necklaces, rings and bracelets feature memorial icons like hearts, anchors and skulls. I'm especially intrigued with her reliquary glass pods, which lend their contents an aura that's both precious and mysterious.

This Eyeris necklace below has a talismanic quality, yet it's also reminiscent of miniature eye portraits that began in the 18th century. Whether it was a deposed king or a forbidden lover, miniature eyes were a way to keep a secret portrait close to one's heart without causing scandal. So romantic and intriguing! (Thanks to Hayden Peters at Art of Mourning for this excellent blog entry on the subject.)

But my favorite piece? This commissioned mourning necklace for a cat who passed away. It's powerful, talismanic, and reminds me of a religious relic.

If you live in San Francisco, reward yourself with a visit to Alix's Modern Relics atelier near the De Young Museum and Academy of Sciences. Her store features lots of beautiful pieces, including the gorgeous work of ceramicist Diana Fayt. In the meantime, please take a look at my interview with Alix!


Anonymous said...

I just got home, put on Mazzy Stars 'Fade into you' and moved through your blog. It happened all by chance. That IS the soundtrack here.
Filled with memories of my mother I shall linger here for a moment.

Style Odyssey said...

i am intrigued and fascinated by your blog. thanks for your comment on style odyssey- as for the leather pants, i could certainly see them transformed into a super-long skirt, even though i'll keep them as pants (made skinny of course).
these relics are quite beautiful.

Style Odyssey said...

oops, i meant to add:
i visited the charleston museum recently and found several amazing displays of intricate victorian mourning jewelry. i could almost feel the melancholy and loss felt by the wearer. i was touched by the experience.

Sister Shirley said...

I wish we had more remnants of Victorian culture out here! I live in California, and it feels like history began in the sixties. Charleston must have some amazing artifacts. The Civil War ushered in a culture of mourning (sadly) and made it quite fashionable.

The only time I was in Charleston was while filming a documentary on moonshine for the National Geographic Channel (that's another story.) What a beautiful town!

Unknown said...

wow! awesome finds! i love this blog. you're awesome.