Monday, February 8, 2010

Time Flies

Here's a modern memento mori necklace by Butch's Baubles. Clocks have long been a symbol of our fleeting mortality, and this timepiece pendant, along with the hearse and wing (time flies) will remind us that life is indeed short and precious.


Anonymous said...

Hi hun, i know this is a bit of weird place to post this but i saw you post on someone elses blog about returning a pair of chloe motorcycle boots, were these the ankle boots?? pice here:

ive been trying to find these for ages to no avail. If they were can you contact me on i would love to know where to find them. thanks

Sister Shirley said...


The pair I returned had four buckles, not the same as the pic you've sent (which are very nice, by the way!) I had bought them on, but haven't seen them since. Good luck in your search!