Thursday, March 26, 2009

Teddy Bear Urns

One of the most unfortunate design flaws of traditional urns is that they are not meant to be touched. Stoic and solid, they appear to be more like monuments than something you'd want to cradle in your arms. But Hanna Bruce Bears, a "teddy bear doctor" located in Pennsylvania, has come up with a touching (literally!) solution.

Heart and Soul Bears are stuffed animals that contain the ashes of a loved one. If you have a special teddy bear, you can send it to Hanna, or she will provide the bear. The ashes are placed in a sealed container and carefully sewn into the animal. One child lost a father, yet with a small amount of ashes in his favorite bear, he can "hug" his father anytime. What a wonderful and compassionate concept!

For more information, visit or contact Hanna at 877-723-2763.

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