Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Flight of the Soul

I'm on a search for imagery that conveys the idea of passing lives that's neither musty nor morbid. Nothing against angels, but I feel that they've jumped the shark. And honestly, while I like the concept of angels, the image of pudgy, curly-haired babies with wings isn't exactly what I picture.

The one image that seems to keep coming up for me is that of a bird. According to mythology, birds have long been associated with the coming and going of spirits or souls (is it any coincidence that storks bring babies?) On a personal note, I have this secret hope that the people I've love and lost come back as birds to check up on me - sometimes when I see a bird lingering in a tree I think "Is that you, Nana?" It makes me happy to think of her that way : )

As I gather images that feel appropriate, I'll begin with birds as a new symbol. I love this simple bird shapes by Kuss, a contemporary jewelry designer. A bird pin for a more sophisticated woman,

hummingbird cufflinks for a gent,

and this adorable necklace for a younger woman. Something for everyone!

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Caitlin said...

I love your thoughts on birds being messengers for the dead: a sort of modern take on the more traditional angel. I rescued a bird with a broken wing a few months ago, and his eyes have stuck with me since. I am now constantly on the hunt for bird paraphernalia and jewelry, anything to create a stronger sense of connection to the animal. I believe that bird was a lost loved one coming to check in on me!