Monday, March 23, 2009

Casket Furniture

Caskets are sooooooo incredibly expensive. Why not build your own? In fact, why not build your own, paint it as a piece of furniture, and keep it as a treasure chest until the time comes? Arkwood Caskets offers "some assembly required" caskets that are meant to be part of your life before they're part of your death.

A treasure chest-turned-coffin makes the final piece of furniture in your life evermore meaningful. It's not some strange, alienated box that suddenly shows up when you're no longer around, but an intimate part of your life. Kent Caskets offers eco-friendly, free trade caskets that you can build yourself. You could even have all your friends and family write messages on it long before the time comes. There are also articles at on how to DIY your final destination.

Why wait? You know you need the storage!

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