Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mourning Mary McCoy

Poor Mary McCoy. She died in 1878, and was deeply loved by her parents John and Jane McCoy. I feel deep gratitude to have been given this beautiful antique tombstone. (I must point out that this is not a stolen tombstone, which is both illegal and spiritually corrupt. Last year, a gravestone carver in a nearby town closed his longtime business, selling or giving away whatever was left in his shop. This 136 year-old tombstone was hidden behind a stack of marble slabs, the top had been damaged during carving so it could not be used. But thankfully someone chose to hold onto it, and my neighbor purchased it for $10 and gave it to me, and now it's one of my most precious belongings.)

Jane and Jane McCoy's love for Mary reminds me that it's the nature of love to be eventually lost. The deeper the love, the greater the loss. And love that is lost is no less beautiful because it's lost. This is why we must strive to make mourning beautiful.

 (By the way, I love this time of year. The angle of the sun makes everything golden. And my modest little succulent garden is starting to bloom!)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

crocheted urn cozies

 Crochet Owl Cozy by A and B Design Studio

I occasionally browse tea cozies for designs that could also function as urn cozies. Whether your beloved's ashes are still in the plastic box the funeral home gives you or already in an urn, I truly believe that knit or crochet cozies "warm" them up and make them approachable. I have my mother's ashes covered in a cozy on my bookshelf, and they delightfully blend in with my vintage books. The knit cozy feels warm, comfortable and completely at home here.

 A and B Design Studio has several crocheted items that could work as cozies. I especially love these owls:

They come in several colors, but I especially like the neutrals. Check out this off white guy:

A and B Designs also makes crocheted box designs like this one:

And just to keep your loved ones' ashes company, a crocheted bird (or two or three) would do the job!

Always make sure you have the correct measurements before ordering. The standard urn box is usually around 9"x7"x4".  And I have to confess ... almost all of the Etsy items I find for potential urn cozies are not intended as urns. But I've found that everyone's been completely sympathetic with what might seem to be an unusual request. If you're looking for something like this, I recommend browsing tea cozies or crocheted containers - there's bound to be something perfect for you.