Sunday, January 15, 2012

a new altar

Wouldn't this DIY lily backdrop make any memorial more gorgeous? I imagine how it would gently sway in the breeze, adding movement and a sense of lightness. Here are the DIY instructions as they appear in Ruffled.

Although this was originally designed by My Hands Made It to be displayed at a wedding, I think it would be a lovely addition to any memorial service. These draped strands of lilies, especially if draped in front of a window or even outdoors, are simply gorgeous as a luminous and ethereal cascade. (For what it's worth, lilies are one of the most traditional memorial flowers, symbolizing the soul's return to innocence.)

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I encourage anyone who is faced with planning a memorial service to visit wedding blogs like Ruffled for inspiration. There are so many wonderful (and easy!) ideas that could just as well work for a memorial service. If you think about it, many of the components are the same - guest books, altar, photo displays, flowers, and table centerpieces. Memorials should be just as meaningful and pretty as any wedding!


Charles Cowling said...

Really lovely!

O D Y S S E Y said...

how pretty! this would be suitable for any memorial, or any special event, for that matter.
lovely idea.

Jen said...

I love this idea. It would be such a nice replacement from the normal wreaths on a stand which seem to be so sullen.

Sister Shirley said...

Thanks Jen, I agree. The only flowers I don't like are the ones arranged in funeral bouquets. Honestly, those carnation wreaths and crosses look tight and strangled and lifeless to me. (Also, my first job out of college was at a florist. They made a lot of money on those arrangements. It seemed like a bit of a sham, taking advantage of the bereft and making them feel as if their condolences were measured by how much they spend on flowers.)

Someone should really give memorial flowers a makeover!

Brittany Smith said...

Gosh, these are dreamy.