Monday, April 4, 2011

an urn made of summer skies

In memory of someone dear, textile artist Patricia Bown has created this lovely knit urn cozy. With a deep blue base reminiscent of summer skies, crocheted flowers and butterflies skim the top, adding an element of light-heartedness.

Along the side of the cozy Patricia chose the favorite colors of her beloved. These colorful stripes remind me of a layer cake made from spring days.

It's very challenging to bring light and cheer to an urn, and Patricia's piece is a wonderful example of the possibilities. Her work is inspired by nature and the sea, and I'm especially fond of this sea urchin collection:


tancow said...

This urn cozy looks really cozy! It reminds me of being at home and cuddled up in a warm blanket. I think it would be nice to pair this creation with my loved one's favorite colors and possibly even clothing.

Meghan @ My Wishful Thinking said...

Oooh those sea urchins are beautiful!!!

Victoria said...

Gorgeous creations.....beautiful post! I love your space here..magical!

Pearl said...

I love that sea urchin collection!! Those pastel tones are so beautiful!