Friday, February 4, 2011

When this you see

After being inspired by 19th century memorial needlework, I asked Jessica Marquez of Miniature Rhino to create a special needlepoint. I already have a couple of her needlework constellations, which I adore.

And here's what she did! Don't you agree that the vintage-inspired stitching is absolutely gorgeous? Look at the detail of the flowers:

This piece is so sweet and versatile, with enough space for a special memento between the phrases Remember me/When this you see. Jessica included some thread for sewing on small tokens. Here's the needlepoint with a lock of my grandmother's hair:

And here it is with the Order of the Eastern Star pendant that belonged to my great-grandmother:

And finally, a sprig of lavender that my mother gave to me:

This sentimental needlepoint is handmade, and can be passed on between generations, giving us a lovely opportunity to remember those we love every time we see it. It also would make an awesome gift. Thanks Jessica!

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Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Nice little hoop samplers :) Great project for in impatient like me.

Victoria ♥

Lenette said...

Love love love this idea. The simplicity and beauty almost brought tears to my eyes. Will keep this in mind for a future project. Thanks for sharing.

Sister Shirley said...

Thank you very much! I have always loved Victorian mourning needlework, and thought it was a shame that nothing like that existed now. The only thing that comes close are prayer shawls.

knitlit kate said...

p.s. what a thought-provoking blog concept. death is a part of life...and should be celebrated in its own way. thanks for your warm and decidedly postmodern light on what many consider to be too dark a subject to contemplate.

bahja imaan davis said...


I really love this post.very simple and elegant.I love it.

style odyssey said...

A lovely idea. It's beautiful, thoughtful, sentimental.

Happy birthday back to you! And I really didn't grow up w/ green birthday cakes, but cards, decorations and balloons were always green. (My traditional birthday cake was and still is German chocolate w/ coconut pecan icing. Weird child that I was!! It's what I always requested.)
I hope you have a lovely St. Patrick's b'day! xoxo