Tuesday, August 24, 2010

remember me by the sea

At the beach yesterday I wrote some of my favorite Victorian remembrance phrases in the sand. Usually these phrases appear on something permanent like jewelry, an engraved plaque or a tombstone. So I thought it'd be fun to scribble them at the edge of the incoming tide, not a place known for its permanence.

The fleeting nature of these words by the water made these affectionate phrases all the more meaningful. Here I am watching people check out at what I had written.

I got the best reaction ever! I had written "Remember Me" in the sand, then walked along the beach. I passed an elderly couple, and after a bit I turned to see if they saw my writing. Not only had they noticed it, they had stopped to write something more - they were smiling all the while and even took a picture. When I returned, they had written:

Gone But Not Forgotten
E + G
48 years

I have no idea what this means, but it made my day. Alas, when I came back with my camera, the words had already been washed away. That's what you get for writing stuff on the beach.

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