Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mourning Headbands

Clothing has long been a signifier of grief. For women in the Victorian era, black represented full mourning, while lavenders grays or white trim represented half-mourning. Veils and headbands in particular seem to be the most iconic mourning clothing, framing (and in some cases hiding) the face. Here are some modern interpretations:

Brit singer Lily Allen was photographed in what some speculated was a mourning garland headband. Whatever it is, I love its whimsical shape, which seems to undercut the gravitas of traditional mourning.

This felted wool Black Roses Mourning Headband with vintage soutache buttons from delightworthym is retro lovely.

And this veil from Altered Events on Etsy is costumely, bordering on playful.

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