Monday, November 8, 2010

when vintage attacks!

I'm devoted to sentimental items that can be repurposed. Those small, everyday things we take for granted and ultimately become invisible, yet play a big role in our lives. Don't throw them away, make something meaningful. Monty Monty not only repurposes everyday vintage items, he reinvents them.

I first saw Monty Monty's work at the 2010 Handcar Regatta, and just discovered this new round of amazing assemblages from the show "Dangerous Toys and Other Forgotten Oddities" at the Quicksilver Mining Company in Northern California, on display through November 14th. I love the mix of domestic and the dangerous here - knives become toys, and toys become dangerous objects. An unexpected mix of menace and memory.

Below is Matt's Heartley, one of Monty Monty's memorial sculptures. An assemblage of many unexpected yet meaningful objects, some that belonged to the deceased, including his graduation ring. And of course, there's a "heart of gold" right in the center.

Monty Monty is available for commissioned work, please take a look here if you're interested. Here's the artist at the 2009 Handcar Regatta.


Cez said...

oh my god!!!!! This stuff are amazing!!!! Love it and your blog and website too...By the way, I put them on my fav!!! Thks sister for visiting me!!!

Tonio said...

HAHA WOOW WHAT A IMAGINATIVE STUFF!! and grat title, when vintage attacks!!

Peep into my blog, and if you like it, follow! I´ll follow back!!
regards babe!!

Tonio said...

uuupss I thought I could folloW! but no, sorry!!


bye byetonio

Style Scientist said...

Wow...this is interesting. He's very imaginative. I wonder how expensive he is for commissioned work.

Style Odyssey said...

these are fantastic! it's amazing what creative minds can accomplish.

Renee said...

wow those look really cool!
That's the sort of stuff you would put on a table in your hallway, only to gently stroke it when a new person visits your house, so you can make them feel really uncomfortable... I'd totally want one.